Frequently Asked Questions

What Material is Used to Make our Gutters, Soffit, Fascias & Downspouts?

We use Aluminum which comes in many different colors to match your home.

How Many Downspouts Do I Really Need?

Normally a downspout must be installed every 25 to 30 feet of gutters, but depending on the slope of your roof, you may need to add more.

How Does My Gutter Installer Determine How to Install My Gutters for best results?

To make sure your house is well protected, there are two essential ways to have a successful gutter installation. One is providing a good slope and secondly great support. The slope, which provides the flow of water to the downspout, should be of half an inch for every 15 feet of gutters.

As for the proper support, there are different options which are all very effective.

  1. Gutters hangers with 5″ Quick Screws By Kaycan or Gentek
  2. T-Rex continuous hanger M-5200 on new gutter installation By Alu-rex
  3. Rain gutter protections M-5300 on exciting gutters By Alu-rex
  4. Microfiltration continuous Double Pro hanger on new gutter installation By Alu-rex
  5. Gutter Sentry by Kaycan

We provide any of these types of support hangers , which is why we give our customers the option to choose which they would prefer.

Do I Really Need to Clean My Gutters?

We strongly suggest cleaning your gutters at least once a year to make sure everything continues to work correctly, more often if your house has trees in proximity. Getting your gutters cleaned is also a great opportunity to make sure that there hasn’t been any damage caused by weather and debris or even any leaks.

Why Is Water Dripping Between My Gutter and The Fascia?

The possible causes for water dripping between the two are as follow

  1. There is no drip edge installed
  2. Your gutters are overflowing due to a clog in your downspout
  3. Your gutter does not have a good slope to drain the water to the downspout
  4. Sometimes the roof edge is not straight so when the gutters are installed there could be sections where the gutter is below the drip edge. If that is the case, we need to add extra aluminum flashing.

Why Is Water Dripping Between The Fascia And Soffit?

When there is water leaking between the soffit and fascia or from the soffit it is coming from the roof shingles.

Why Do I Have An Ice Dam and Icicles on my Gutters?

The gutters do not create ice dams or icicles. These are formed when the snow melts from the roof gets to the edge of the roof and gutters, where there is no heat coming from underneath, so it freezes.

That heat should not be escaping through your roof, and these are the causes:

  1. Poor insulation in your attic when heat escapes from inside of your house to your attic.
  2. Poor ventilation or no ventilation. When your soffits are blocked, they do not allow air from outside to enter your attic. You need fresh air to enter an attic creating air flow.

How Can I Tell If My Gutters Aren't Draining Properly?

The best time to see if your gutters are draining properly is during a rainfall. If you see the water pouring over the gutter, there may be a slop issue or a blockage on your downspout.

Are You a Licensed Contractor?

Yes we are licensed with the Régie du Bâtiment du Québec (RBQ license # 5730-3976-01). You can validate our license number or any construction company at the RBQ government website The license number and business name should always match.

We are also insured up to 2 million dollars in liability.

Do You Hire Subcontractors?

No, we have 3 trucks on the road with our qualified ACM Employees.

What’s Your Payment Methods?

  1. Invoiced Online payments
  2. Visa , MasterCard and American Express
  3. Email transfer (Interac E-Transfer)
  4. Cheque

If you still have any unanswered questions, we’ll be glad to assist you!